Launching a project

A one-stop-shop to support you

With the implementation of this one-stop window, we propose to work with you on the development of your projects, offering you a wide range of services:

  • Analyzing your needs as they relate to your innovation project, and identifying the technological measures to be implemented (equipment and expertise)
  • Seeking the best partners available through the IRDQ and proposing a solution adapted to your needs
  • Referring you to the individual responsible for project management in an IRDQ laboratory
  • Quality project follow-up and tracking of your level of satisfaction
  • Putting together financing files such as the “innovation program”, “partnership commitment”,  and other relevant support tools
  • Opening of “open orders” to streamline your administrative process and accelerate your development cycles


Sébastien Garbarino :
(514) 284-0211, ext. 226