Professor El-Gamal successfully demonstrated a thin-film encapsulation technology for above-IC MEMS wafer-level packaging. The uniqueness of this technology lies in its use of SiC as its main structural layer, and the fabrication process is fully CMOS compatible. Many MEMS devices require packaging either for protection only, or to improve performance. Thus, demand and interest in this type of wafer-level packaging is growing very fast in industry. In addition to significantly reducing the form factor of the final fully packaged device, fabrication yield is improved and cost is reduced.  To demonstrate the feasibility of the technology, Pirani gauges were fabricated, packaged/sealed, and shown to work as expected.


[1] Paul-Vahe Cicek, Qing Zhang, Tanmoy Saha, Sareh Mahdavi, Karim Allidina, Frederic Nabki and Mourad El Gamal J. Micromech. Microeng. 23 065013 (2013)


Professor Mourad El-Gamal (McGill University), Professor Frederik Nabki (UQAM)



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