A key goal of research in the Buschmann and Hoemann groups is to develop technologies based on combining nanostructured polymers with blood components to create hybrid biomaterials for use in repairing joint tissues such as meniscus and cartilage, as well as to treat osteoarthritis by intra-articular injections. An industrial contract with OrthoregeneX ($2.1M over 3 years) is being used to develop these technologies, allow transition to an external manufacturing site, and facilitate obtaining regulatory approval in various jurisdictions.

Biomomentum Inc., a spin-off of work in the Buschmann group, specializes in diagnostic devices for assessing cartilage. It has developed an arthroscopic probe and a non-invasive external bioelectrical assessment tool, which can be used to diagnose the state of articular cartilage in joints such as the knee. With additional support from NSERC, the Buschmann and Hoemann groups are working with Biomomentum to devise improved tools for diagnosis. A key part of the work involves interpreting electrical data from Biomomomentum’s devices, using detailed histological, biomechanical, and biochemical analysis of articular cartilage. The study is expected to yield diagnostic algorithms that can be used in a clinical setting to identify the state of diseased cartilage and aid in making decisions about treatment.


Prof. Michael D. Buschmann and Prof. Caroline Hoemann (École Polytechnique de Montréal)





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