Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy




The Agilent MP-AES is a compact, bench-top microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometer based on a robust, nitrogen plasma. It is suitable for elemental determinations using a solid-state CCD detector. With its microwave plasma source, this MP-EAS provides superior detection limits to flame atomic adsorption (AA) spectroscopy and like what it is achievable with ICP-MS.

This MP-AES can determine the content of chemical elements in a wide variety of complex matrices from a wide range of samples from the agri-food, environmental health, and biotechnology fields in addition to the geochemical and mineral exploration fields.


Technical specifications:

            Wavelength range: 178–780 nm

            Signal stability: < 2% relative standard deviation over 2 hours without internal standardization or any form of drift correction.

            Resolution: < 0.050 nm (measured as full width at half maximum).

            Detection limits:

Mn 257.610 nm: 5.00 ppb

Ba 614.171 nm: 1.5 ppb

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