Fabiricant: Parr Instrument Company- 4557-T-TiGr4-FMD2(Ti)-400V-BH3-VS.75-1000-SC-ASME-4848

Caractéristiques :

  1. A) Fixed head vessel mounted in a floor stand with pneumatic lift for

raising/lowering vessel

  1. B) Vessel MAWP Rating: 1250psi at up to 300 °C
  2. C) Head and Cylinder made of TiGr4
  3. D) Magnetic Drive and internal wetted components made of Titanium
  4. E) External valves and fittings constructed of stainless steel
  5. F) PTFE flat gasket and split ring closure
  6. G) Head to Include:

1) Heavy Duty Footless Magnetic Drive, 60 in-lb torque, with stir shaft and turbine impellers

2) Safety rupture disc of Alloy 600, rated to 1000 PSI, to allow operation up to 900psi (90% of rupture disc rating)

3) Pressure Gage, 0-1000 psi

4) Double valve bypass with liquid sampling and gas inlet valves over dip tube

5) Gas release valve

6) Thermowell with Type J thermocouple

7) Serpentine cooling coil

  1. H) Cylinder, 5 gallons, (9.5-inch inside diameter, 16.25-inch inside depth)
  2. I) Band Heater Assembly, 3 zones, 4500 W
  3. J) Variable speed motor, ¾ hp, 0-600 rpm
  4. K) 400 Volt, 3Ph, 50/60 Hz with slave box for 20 Amp service
  5. L) ASME Certification for vessel
  6. M) 4848M Reactor Controller with the following specifications:

1) PID temperature control with ramp and soak programming

2) Manual speed adjustment knob, 0-600 rpm

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